by Cytech

An Intruder Alarm for the 21st century

Comfort integrates Intruder Alarm, Home Automation, Voicemail and Intercom into an easy-to-use, convenient and affordable system.

With Comfort technology, a smart home is more accessible than ever.

Experience true comfort

Take Control

Use comfort to effortlessly control:

  • Alarm
  • Telephone
  • Lights
  • Blinds
  • Gates & Doors
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Intercoms
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Pools & Watering Systems
  • and more...


Intelligence built in

Comfort is a lot more than the simple remote control of your home.

With a security system that can naturally mimic lighting/ appliance habits when you’re away; an alarm that can track and broadcast the location of an intruder; and sensor-controlled lighting, blinds and temperature control; Comfort is always intelligently looking after your home.

Comfort has a powerful programming 'language' which can be tailored to suit almost any requirement.