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  • 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs expandable to 96 Inputs, 96 outputs
  • 31 Alarm Types (Temperature, UPS, Humidity able to dial to any combination of 16 phone numbers including Voice Phone for alarm announcements and SMS (requires UCM/GSM4), or email (ETH03 required)
  • SMS can be programmed to resend at regular intervals until the alarm is disarmed or the alarm input has been restored.
  • Outputs can be programmed to control equipment
  • Time Programs or schedules can be programmed to control equipment or change monitoring modes
  • Up to 15 Keypads can be installed to disarm (silence) the alarm, to monitor temperature, humidity and other sensors, to control equipment, to test the state of the input alarms, and to make changes in the program.
  • Cytech mobile apps can be used to monitor the alarms and do control
  • TSM01 Temperature Sensor Module provides temperature readings and setpoints which activate temperature alarm.
Code: CM9001-EMSA

CM9001-EMS is an Industrial Monitoring System which facilitates the monitoring of inputs fron unattended facilities like Data Centres, Server rooms, Wine chillers, Telecoms Base Stations, and Pharmaceutical Freezers. Notification of allarm is via dial out to phone numbers for Voice announcements, SMS messages or email.
Weight: 0.524 kg

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