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Comfort II ULTRA Control Panel (B)


Code: CP9000B-ULT

Comfort II Ultra Control Panel, with  Enclosure 310 x 350 x 95 mm,  transformer, User Manual, Quick Reference Card. Requires 12V 7 Amp hour sealed lead acid battery normally supplied by your installer



  • 8 alarm inputs, 8 open-collector outputs, expandable to 96 alarm Inputs and 96 outputs. using Slave Expansion Panels (SEP01) and Local Expansion Modules (LEM01)
  • Expandable 120 digital inputs and 120 outputs via Remote Input/Outputs (RIO01)
  • RS485 Bus communications, monitored, for expansion to 8 keypads, 3 Door Stations, 8 Universal Communication Modules (UCM), 3 Slave Exapnsion Modules, 15 Remote Input/Outputs (RIO01)
  • Power supply with battery charger for 7 AH standby battery.
  • Programming via UCM Rs232, Ethernet, or USB
  • Real Time Clock/ Perpetual Calendar with sunrise/sunset times, automatic daylight saving time changes

  • Dialer to 8 telephones, including Central Monitoring Stations (Alarm Receiving Centres),  mobile or fixed line phones or SMS (with  optional UCM/GSM Module).
  • Dedicated Siren, Strobe, Speaker Outputs
  • Dedicated Tamper Input
  • Up to 16 user codes
  • Warning messages can be recorded for playback on any keypad
  • Event Log with 600 Alarm Events

    Home Automation
    • Up to 184 Outputs can be programmed as On/Off, pulsed or as Infrared outputs
    • External interfaces to X10, C-Bus, EIB/KNX, Dynalite, Rako, Lutron, Z-Wave, Velbus etc
    • 1024 Programmable Responses which can be triggered by defined events. Conditional If/Then/Else logic is supported
    • 32 Time Programs with Sunrise/Sunset times and automatic Daylight Saving Time changes.
    • Comprehensive User Menu (with 10 groups of 10 devices each) to guide the user through all operations, on the telephone or keypad. Feedback status of Appliances can be heard.
    • Touchscreens, Scene Control Switches, Internet webserver are also available.
    • Keypads  and RIO01 Inputs can act as Infrared Receivers
    • Any output can be an Infrared output to control airconditioners and AV remote control appliances
    • 64 User Timers for programmable delays
    Other Features
    • Auto-answering with Voicemail (digital answering machine) with 15 minutes nonvolatile messages.
    • Door Station rings internal phones when occupants are at home, and calls mobile phone when system is armed to Away Mode,
    • 16 Reminder Messages which can be heard on keypads and telephones at programmed times.
  • Weight: 4.8 kg

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