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Hotel Room Controller

Hotel Room Controller
  • 16 Programmable I/O channels for ELV Switches linked to 16 Outputs which can be connected to  HIO-RLY1 Relay module
  • LEDs on the ELV switches can be dimmed for off status
  • 2 x 0-10V outputs for dimming lights.
  • Energy Saving Features:  Room Occupancy detection, Open Door Courtesy Light, Toilet Occupancy,  Window/Aircon Linkage
  • Programmable Timers for Occupancy, Courtesy,  Keycard off, window/aircon linkage.
  • Optional temperature sensing.
  • Programmable Scenes: Welcome, Master On/off, 4 Scenes, Courtesy Light, Toilet Occupancy
  • HIO-RLY 8-way 6A relay modules for easy connection.
  • Programmable by Comfigurator, including Firmware upgrading
  • Can be interfaced to other lighting/control systems like KNX, Cbus. Modbus, Zwave
Code: HIO01

The HIO is a Hotel Room Logic Controller to be used with electronic switches and relays for lights and appliances. It can be connected to ELV (Extra Low voltage) switches with push buttons with or without leds and can implement energy saving functions.

The HIO-RLY has 8 relays which can be connected to the HIO01 Controller. 2 HIO-RLY can be connected to HIO01 to give 16 relays for lights, power point, airconditioner supply

Weight: 0.26 kg

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