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iPhone App

iPhone App
No computer or server required.
Simple to set up and use
Practical and useful
Free App

Code: iphone-app

Official Comfort iPhone App. Free Download from iTunes. Please search for "Cytech Comfort" or visit the iTunes Link

The functions are:
  1. Security Keypad emulation - arm and disarm your security system.
  2. Zone Status Display - see the state (open, closed, bypassed, or tamper) of your windows, doors and Motion sensors (including KNX sensors)
  3. Home Control - Control lights and appliances including  KNX and other systemss and see their real time status (on, off or level).
  4. View up to 4 IP cameras
  5. Trouble Conditions display
The app has been designed to be simple to set up and use with no programming required. The system requirements are:
  1. Comfort Controller CP9000, with firmware 7 or higher
  2. UCM/ETH03 module with firmware 7 or higher
  3. Wifi is required, via a router or wireless Access point for the iPhone connection.
For Instructions and screenshots please visit he Comfort Forum


This Comfort iPhone app is a convenient and useful way to access your Comfort system.
However please note that connecting your Comfort system to the network by wifi and to the Internet may compromise the security of your system. The communications between  the phone and Comfort via the Internet are not encypted. Please ensure that your wifi network is secured by the highest level of encryption available. If in doubt, please consult a network security professional. Cytech Technology is not responsible for any breach of security due to the use of this software. In other words, please use at your own risk, and be aware of the potential dangers of doing so.
Please note that this app is supplied for free by Cytech  for the benefit and convenience of Comfort end users without any obligation.  Cytech Technology does not provide any warranty that the app can be used for any purpose.   Cytech Technology is not responsible for any bugs, or problems caused by correct or incorrect use of the app.

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