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UCM/Modbus Firmware

  • Selectable Modbus Master or Slave mode
  • Selectable baud rate of Modbus RS485

Weight: 0.15 kg
The UCM/Modbus allows Modbus devices to be interfaced to Cytech's Comfort system including Intelligent  Remote Input/Output Modules (IRIO), Temperature Sensor Module (TSM01), Hotel I/O (HIO) as well as 3rd party systems on the Comfort Bus including C-Bus, KNX, Z-wave.

The UCM/Modbus can be programmed as Client/Master or Server/Slave on Modbus. Client/Master mode is for Comfort to control other Modbus  Server/Slave products, and Server/Slave mode is for  Modbus Client/Master products to control Comfort.

Both modes are capable of 2- way communications, ie Comfort to Modbus  and Modbus to Comfort.

Modbus over RS485 (Modbus/RTU) and Modbus over IP are possible by
plugging in the RS485 or ETH03 Ethernet submodule onto the UCM/Modbus