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One of the strengths of the Comfort system is the ability to connect to many different automation systems.
The Universal Communications Modules (UCMs) are interfaces between Comfort and other systems like PCs and third party products. 

UCM/ETH03 connects to the Local Area Network (LAN) and UCM/USB connects to a USB port

Various types of UCMs are available which act as gateways between Comfort and other systems like KNX (EIB), CBus, Dynalite,  Crestron, Velbus, Z-Wave, RTI etc
Up to 8 UCMs can be connected to a Comfort System.

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External Interfaces
UCM Interfaces from Comfort to 3rd party Automation Systems
PC Interfaces
PC Interfaces for programming Comfort or user interface software
Special Purpose UCMs
Special Purpose UCMs
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UCM Accessories, Plug ins and Spare Parts

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