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Heatmiser Interface

Heatmiser Interface

Code: UCM/Heatmiser

UCM Interface to Heatmiser
Heatmiser thermostat
Requires Rs485 OR ETHernet plug in submodule - must be ordered separately

The UCM/Heatmiser has the following functions;
  1. allows control and  temperature monitoring of Heatmiser thermostats from keypads, telephone, iPad/iPhone/Android app, SMS (with UCM/GSM), or software.
  2. allows control of Heatmiser thermostats by Time Programs.
  3. allows setting of the alarm to Away, Night, Day, Vacation and Security Off to change heating and cooling setpoints in Heatmiser.
The UCM/Heatmiser comes without an interface, and an interface submodule AUX485 for RS485, or ETH03 for wifi heatmiser products must be addded according to the type of heatmiser to be supported

Download the UCM/Heatmiser manual from

UCM/Heatmiser on the Comfort Forums

Weight: 0.102 kg

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