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IRIO Blinds Controller

IRIO Blinds Controller
  • Push button control for Short Press/Long Press to jog or move the Blinds to either end
  • Able to move the blinds to any position 0 to 100%, by mobile app, or Time Program
  • Built in current sensor to detect end of travel
Code: IRIO-Blinds

The IRIO/Blinds module is a controller for Blinds and Curtain motors. The 230VAC supply is switched to the Up and Down relays to drive the blinds motor.  A built in current sensor allows the IRIO to know when the motor is in operation and when it has stopped so it can know more accurately its current position. This makes it  possible to move the blinds to any position.
The IRIO/Blinds can be used standalone for blinds control or it can be connected to a network with Comfort CP9000, UCM/Logic or LGX01 Logic Engine.

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