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The following sites are excellent sources for automation information. Cytech Technology does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the sites below.

Comfort User Forums - The new Comfort User and Technical Forum  at http://www.comfortforums.comis the place to post your  questions and feedback as well as get assistance on anything about  Comfort.

The Comfort Forum is divided into  categories each having several forums. You can choose to monitor any  forums that you are interested in.


Introduction To Comfort Video


Cytech at the Smart Home Show/National Homebuilding and Renovating Show

BuildStore’s National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon, to the west of London is simply a must see at whatever stage of self build, conversion or renovation you are! Walk through two permanent houses, view cut-away foundations, floors,  roofs, septic tanks and much, much, more. See the latest products to  enhance your home or renovation project including lighting, sound  systems, kitchens and flooring - there are 240+ suppliers in the Trade Village, including the Cytech Permanent stand in the Automation area

Electronic House Magazine - One of the best magazines about automating a home.

Hidden Wires - HiddenWires is the UK and European resource for custom install home automation and home entertainment.

Aimed at designers, installers,  suppliers and users of smart home technology, HiddenWires provides a  wealth of news, articles, case studies and events, as well as helping  to locate suitable products and services.

ComfortClient Software from FutureHomes, a .NET  smart client to access the Comfort Intelligent Home System

Home Automation e-magazine -
The how-to guide to Home Technology.

Home Automation Index - Dan Hoehnen’s index, said to be THE Home Automation Index. This  American site is surely the most comprehensive list of worldwide HA  Links on the Net.
Home Automation Resources - A Directory of Home Automation-related websites.
Home Automation.org - "The Most Complete Directory of Home Automation Websites - Over 600 Listings"
Home Automator - The News Magazine of Home Automation ideas.
Home Security HQ - Comprehensive List of Home Security Resources.
Home Security Systems - Resource for Home Security Articles, Reviews, Press Releases, News, with a bias towards ADT.
HTI Home Automation - A popular Home Automation e-magazine.
Remote Central - Reviews of the all the latest universal remotes, including Philips Pronto/Marantz RC-5000 etc.
Sensors Reference Centre - The Sensors Reference Center, from Machine Design, is designed to  provide design engineers with the information they need to specify or  purchase Sensors including any Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transducer,  Proximity Sensor, Flow Sensors, Pressure Sensors, temperature sensors,  speed sensors, Pressure Transducers and other input/output devices.The Home Automation Forum - Discussions, articles, FAQs, Reviews for Home Automation enthusiasts.
UK Home Automation - "... The Hows, Wheres and Whys of HA in the UK (Est.1996)" Mark  McCall’s site with reviews, links, and news related to Home Automation
UK Home Automation Discussion Group - This list is for the UK Home Automation Die Hards! This can be quite a  busy list at times (record month averaged out around 130 messages per  day!) but is full of interesting debate and info on HA and related  topics (MP3, Home Cinema, DIY, General Computer Stuff etc)

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