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KNX Interface

  • Comfort sends telegrams (commands) to any KNX device
  • Any KNX group address can control Comfort
  • KNX Touchscreen can act as Security Keypad for Comfort
  • Alarm sensors (Doors, Windows, Motion sensors, smoke detectors) can be shown on KNX touchscreen
  • Logic Control of KNX
  • Schedule or Time Programs to control KNX
  • Comfort iPhone app controls KNX


KNX  Alarm System

Comfort with the  UCM/KNX Interface is a full-featured Intruder Alarm System for KNX. The Comfort Alarm System with KNX Interface provides all security features, including fire and smoke alarm, intrusion, technical alarm, panic  accessible to KNX and allows KNX to arm and disarm the security system from a Touchscreen. Comfort is the perfect complement to KNX in the home or office.

UCM/KNX Connects direct to the KNX Bus wires without the need for any KNX gateway

Weight: 0.13 kg

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