Seamless 2-way integration of KNX and comfort Intruder Alarm


  • KNX-compatible intruder alarm
  • Control KNX devices by telephone menu or mobile apps
  • Conditional logic engine using if/then/else
  • Schedules to control any combination of KNX devices on any day and at any time
  • Infrared signal control of home appliances and air conditioners
  • KNX touchscreens can be used to arm and disarm the alarm system using the users’ PIN codes, and can monitor the status of doors, windows and sensors
  • Optional SMS control
  • Gateway to other automation systems such as C-Bus, Zwave, Modbus.

Product Photo

UCM/KNX2 Interface module
UCM/KNX2 Interface module

About Comfort

Comfort is a practical and affordable integrated intruder alarm and automation system with 8 inputs and 8 outputs (both expandable to 96) with dialout to 8 phone numbers, time programs, iOS/Android control, and is capable of customisation by programmable logic conditions.

The Comfort intruder alarm

Map alarm events and conditions to KNX Group addresses:

  • Alarm set to Away, Night, Day or System Unset
  • System in Alarm or Normal state
  • System conditions: Low Battery, Power Failure, Phone Line Cut, Tamper
  • Open/Close state of doors, windows and motion sensors.

Programme KNX Objects to:

  • Arm the alarm to Away, Night or Day
  • Bypass and Unbypass alarm zones
  • Emulate an alarm keypad on a KNX touchscreen to Set and Unset the alarm
  • Use KNX motion sensors as alarm sensors, as well as the reverse: ie assign KNX group addresses to alarm sensors.


KNX application software controlling Comfort
An example of KNX application software controlling Comfort via the UCM/KNX2 Interface Module

Typical Schematic

Comfort to KNX typical schematic


108 x 88 mm
Connection (KNX)
KNX Bus Cable
Connection (Comfort)
RS485 Bus
Current (from Comfort)
50 mA
KNX Objects supported
EIS1 (1-bit), EIS2 (4-bit), EIS3 (Time), EIS4 (Date), EIS5 (Float), EIS6 (1 byte), EIS10 (2 bytes)
Physical Address
1.1.1 to 1.15.255
KNX to Comfort Addresses
Comfort to KNX Registers
Inputs, Outputs, Alarms, Flags, Sensors, Counters

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