Comfort is a practical and affordable system which integrates intruder alarm and control of lighting and appliances in homes and offices to achieve Security, Comfort, Convenience and Energy Saving.

Cytech Comfort is a fully scalable, modular system integrating Intruder Alarm, Home Automation and Intercom into an easy-to-use, convenient and affordable system.

Make your home user-friendly and increase its value!

Experience true comfort

Some examples of Comfort in action:

  • Set modes for the Alarm to randomly turn on lighting/appliances when you’re away; monitor for intruders; and track, broadcast and record their location if anyone should enter.
  • Control your house when you're away. For example, turn on the hot tub when you're just paying your restaurant bill.
  • Use sensors to turn on lights as you move through the home. Set Comfort's intelligence to do it only when natural lighting is low.
  • Speak to door callers even when you are away. (You can temporarily enable access to certain areas of the house to allow deliveries, for example).
  • Conveniently group appliances so that one tap on your phone can effortlessly close the blinds, unfurl a projection screen, turn on a projector and other home cinema equipment, and start playing a movie.
  • Automatically contact security, emergency or utility services. For example, it can send you a text and phone the security company if an intruder is detected.

Invisible intelligence

Always looking after your home

All aspects of the Comfort system can be completely hidden from view. Our keypads and phone/tablet apps are the only parts you need to touch!

More importantly, Comfort's programming means that you often don't have to do anything at all. Comfort is always intelligently looking after your home.

Free iOS and Android apps

Take control

Our constantly-updated apps give you full Comfort system control via your phones and tablets.

Effortlessly and securely change alarm mode, lighting mode, set timers, or take control of individual appliances from anywhere in the world!


System integration

Comfort is the perfect hub for a whole host of 3rd party lighting and electrical systems (e.g. C-Bus, KNX, Dynalite, Velbus, Lutron, Rako, Z-Wave, etc) to deliver advanced Home Automation.

Comfort ties all external subsystems and sensors together by logic, and has a powerful programming 'language' that can be tailored to suit almost any requirement.

Comfort makes life easy for your dealer/installer!

Comfort can be yours

Available to buy now worldwide from our specialist Distributors and Systems Integrators

Comfort has been type-approved in Europe, Australia, the US, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Singapore and Malaysia, and is available to buy in many more...

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