Model LGX01
Purpose Logic Control
for Automation
Plug-in Interface Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Controller Inputs 8
Controller Outputs 8
Max Inputs (with Slave/LEM) 96
Max Outputs (with Slave/LEM) 96
Expansion I/O with IRIO 120
Infrared Signal from Outputs Yes
No of Infrared codes (sending) 128
Infrared Receive function (RIO or KP04)
EEPROM File System
Intruder Alarm Function No
Dial to Central Monitoring System N/A
No of Phones to dial out in Alarm N/A
Zone Types (Prgrammable) N/A
Alarm Zone Types N/A
Alarm Types (programmable) N/A
Arm Security Modes N/A
Siren/Sound Types N/A
Event Log Events N/A
Programmable Exit/Entry delays N/A
Dedicated Tamper Input Yes
Siren/Bell Output 12V Yes
Speaker Output (for alarm) Yes
Srobe Output Yes
No of Alarm Partitions N/A
Partition Siren Output N/A
No of Alarm Users with authorisation codes 16
Supervsion = Phone Line Cut N/A
Supervision – Zone wiring Cut N/A
Supervision – Bus Communications failure N/A
Supervision – Power Failure N/A
Supervision – Low Battery N/A
Voice Menu on Keypad No
Voice Menu on Phone No
Recorded Messages No
Multi-languages No
Announcement of open zones and alarms No
Weekly Schedule/Time Programs 32
Internet Time Sync (with ETH03) Yes
Daylight Saving Time adjust (with ETH03) Yes
Programming by Keypad No
Programming by PC (Need UCM) Yes
iOS/Android app (requires ETH03) Yes
Protocol for 3rd party systems Yes
Firmware Upgradeable Yes
Event-based Responses Yes
No of Programmable Responses 1024
Bytes for each Response 8
Programmable Responses
Zones On & Off Yes
Alarm Activated Yes
Armed to Away/Night/Day & Disarmed Yes
Time Program/Schedule Yes
Hourly Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Yes
Keypad Function Keys Yes
Counters Yes
Sensors Yes
If/Then/Else Conditions Yes
No of Counters (16 bits) 255
Nonvolatile counters 32
No of Flags (1-bit) 256
Nonvolatile Flags 256
No of Sensors (16 Bits) 32
Enhanced EMS Sensors No
Expansion Modules
No of Slaves (8 Input/8 Output) 5
No of UCMs (Communications Modules) 8
No of Keypads 0
No of IRIO (Inteligent Input/Output) 15
No of HIO (Hotel I/O) 15
No of RIO Remote I/O) 15
Plug in Ethernet/Wi-Fi Module Yes
Plug in LEM02B 8 Inputs (to Main and Slave) Yes
LEM01 (8 in, 8 Out) for Main and Slave Yes
USB Interface (UCM/USB) Yes
Ethernet Interface (UCM/Eth03) Yes
Wi-Fi Interface (UCM/Wi-Fi) Yes
RS232 Interface (UCM-232) Yes
GSM/SMS Interface (UCM.GSM) No
Cbus Interface (UCM/Cbus) Yes
KNX Interface (UCM/KNX) Yes
Modbus Interface (UCM/Modbus) Yes
3rd Party Interface (UCM/Universal) Yes

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