Model CM9001-EX
Purpose Alarm/Automation
for Offices & Factories
Plug-in Interface Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Controller Inputs 8
Controller Outputs 8
Max Inputs (with Slave/LEM) 96
Max Outputs (with Slave/LEM) 96
Expansion I/O with IRIO 120
Infrared Signal from Outputs Yes
No of Infrared codes (sending) 8
Infrared Receive function (RIO or KP04)
EEPROM File System
Intruder Alarm Function Yes
Dial to Central Monitoring System 2
No of Phones to dial out in Alarm 8
Zone Types (Prgrammable) 32
Alarm Zone Types 31
Alarm Types (programmable) 32
Arm Security Modes 4
Siren/Sound Types 31
Event Log Events 600
Programmable Exit/Entry delays Yes
Dedicated Tamper Input Yes
Siren/Bell Output 12V Yes
Speaker Output (for alarm) Yes
Srobe Output Yes
No of Alarm Partitions 8
Partition Siren Output Yes
No of Alarm Users with authorisation codes 99
Supervsion = Phone Line Cut Yes
Supervision – Zone wiring Cut Yes
Supervision – Bus Communications failure Yes
Supervision – Power Failure Yes
Supervision – Low Battery Yes
Voice Menu on Keypad Yes
Voice Menu on Phone Yes
Recorded Messages Yes
Multi-languages Yes
Announcement of open zones and alarms Yes
Weekly Schedule/Time Programs 32
Internet Time Sync (with ETH03) Yes
Daylight Saving Time adjust (with ETH03) Yes
Programming by Keypad Yes
Programming by PC (Need UCM) Yes
iOS/Android app (requires ETH03) Yes
Protocol for 3rd party systems Yes
Firmware Upgradeable Yes
Event-based Responses Yes
No of Programmable Responses 255
Bytes for each Response 8
Programmable Responses
Zones On & Off Yes
Alarm Activated Yes
Armed to Away/Night/Day & Disarmed Yes
Time Program/Schedule Yes
Hourly Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Yes
Keypad Function Keys Yes
Counters Yes
Sensors Yes
If/Then/Else Conditions Yes
No of Counters (16 bits) 255
Nonvolatile counters 0
No of Flags (1-bit) 256
Nonvolatile Flags 0
No of Sensors (16 Bits) 32
Enhanced EMS Sensors No
Expansion Modules
No of Slaves (8 Input/8 Output) 5
No of UCMs (Communications Modules) 8
No of Keypads 15
No of IRIO (Inteligent Input/Output) 15
No of HIO (Hotel I/O) 15
No of RIO Remote I/O) 0
Plug in Ethernet/Wi-Fi Module Yes
Plug in LEM02B 8 Inputs (to Main and Slave) Yes
LEM01 (8 in, 8 Out) for Main and Slave Yes
USB Interface (UCM/USB) Yes
Ethernet Interface (UCM/Eth03) Yes
Wi-Fi Interface (UCM/Wi-Fi) Yes
RS232 Interface (UCM-232) Yes
GSM/SMS Interface (UCM.GSM) Yes
Cbus Interface (UCM/Cbus) Yes
KNX Interface (UCM/KNX) Yes
Modbus Interface (UCM/Modbus) Yes
3rd Party Interface (UCM/Universal) Yes

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