seamless 2-way integration of
C-bus and comfort Intruder Alarm


  • C-Bus compatible intruder alarm
  • Control C-Bus devices by telephone menu or mobile apps
  • Conditional logic engine using if/then/else
  • Schedules to control any combination of C-Bus devices on any day and at any time
  • Hundreds of C-Bus scenes can be triggered via Responses
  • Infrared signal control of home appliances and air conditioners
  • C-Bus touchscreens and Wiser can be used to arm and disarm the alarm system using the users’ PIN codes, and can monitor the status of doors, windows and sensors
  • Optional SMS control
  • Gateway to other automation systems such as KNX, Zwave, Modbus and RTI.

Product Photo

UCM/CBus2 Interface moduler
UCM/CBus2 Interface module

About Comfort

Comfort is a practical and affordable integrated intruder alarm and automation system with 8 inputs and 8 outputs (both expandable to 96) with dialout to 8 phone numbers, time programs, iOS/Android control, and is capable of customisation by programmable logic conditions.

The Comfort intruder alarm

UCM/CBus2 fully supports the C-Bus Security Application. Hence, the following alarm events and conditions can be displayed on the C-Bus touchscreen or Wiser:

  • Alarm set to Away, Night, Day, or System Unset
  • System in Alarm or Normal state
  • System conditions: Low Battery, Power Failure, Phone Line Cut, Tamper
  • Open/Close state of doors, windows and motion sensors.

C-Bus devices can be programmed to:

  • Arm the alarm to Away, Night or Day
  • Bypass and Unbypass alarm zones
  • Emulate an alarm keypad on a C-Bus touchscreen to Set and Unset the alarm
  • Use C-Bus motion sensors as alarm sensors, as well as the reverse: ie assign C-Bus group addresses to alarm sensors.


C-Bus software controlling Comfort
An example of C-Bus software controlling Comfort via the UCM/CBus2 Interface Module

Typical Schematic

Comfort to C-Bus typical schematic


The UCM/C-Bus2 connects to C-Bus directly via the C-Bus cable. The configuration software allows mapping of C-Bus group addresses to Alarm conditions and events.

Size (UCM/CBus2 PCB)
108 x 88 mm
Connection (C-Bus)
C-Bus Bus Cable, electrically isolated
Connection (Comfort)
RS485 Bus
Current (from Comfort)
50 mA
C-Bus Applications supported
Security, Lighting, Trigger, Enable, Clocks, & Timekeeping
Unit Address
1 to 255
C-Bus to Comfort Addresses
255 for each Application supported
Comfort Registers to C-Bus
Inputs, Outputs, Alarms, Flags, Sensors, & Counters

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