Programmable Logic Processor for KNX with 3rd Party Interfaces


  • 2-way KNX Interface able to send and receive telegrams from KNX, with direct connection to KNX Bus
  • 32 Time Programs for scheduling commands to KNX
  • Synchronise KNX/Logic real time clock to KNX devices. KNX/Logic has automatic Daylight saving adjustments and Sunrise/Sunset times based on latitude and logitude. The optional UCM/ETH03 module is synchronised to Internet Time Servers
  • Read Temperature and other sensors on the KNX bus or supply temperature readings or setpoints to KNX from Cytech modules like MSM01 Multisensor Module
  • Functions as a central controller for a KNX network which is able to coordinate the functions of all the subsystems including security, lighting, HVAC, and others. KNX/Logic is able to take action based on conditional logic, for example, when the time is between 7 PM and 7 AM, on defined days of week etc
  • Control KNX devices by the Cytech mobile app (for iOS/Android)
  • Interfaces to other systems eg C-Bus, Modbus, etc by Cytech’s other UCM interface modules.

Product Photo

KNX/Logic Processor Module
KNX/Logic Processor Module

Example 1

To demonstrate the capabilities of KNX/Logic this example diagram shows how a KNX switch can be used to control air conditioning by infrared signal while a current sensor provides status to the KNX switch feedback address using the IRIO (Intelligent Remote I/O) module. Time programs can also be configured to automatically switch the devices on and off for selected days of week.

KNX/Logic example1

Example 2

KNX devices can also be controlled based on logic conditions as well as time of day, and timers can be programmed to switch off lights after a timed delay, as shown below.

KNX/Logic example2


108 x 88 mm
Connection (to KNX)
KNX Bus Cable
RS485 Bus
Power Supply
12V 1A
Current Required
30 mA
KNX Objects supported
EIS1 (1-bit), EIS2 (4-bit), EIS3 (Time), EIS4 (Date), EIS5 (Float), EIS6 (1 byte), EIS10 (2 bytes)
KNX Physical Address
1.1.1 to 1.15.255
KNX Addresses to KNX/Logic Mapping
KNX/Logic Registers
256 Flags, 32 Sensors, 255 Counters
Time Programs/Schedules
Timers for Logic
64, programmable from 1 to 65535 seconds
Programmable Responses

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