KP04AE and KP04AET EMS LCD Keypads allow display of Sensor values like Temperature, Humidity, Water Leakage, Current and more.

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KP04A Keypad
KP04AE/KP04AET Keypad

About KP04AE & KP04AET

KP04AET includes a built-in Temperature sensor. Each keypad can display up to 8 sensor values from other Sensor modules like MSM01, other KP04AETs in the system or sensors from KNX, Modbus or C-bus.

Setpoints can be incremented or decremented or disabled. If the setpoint is enabled, if the sensor value exceeds the setpoint, an alarm is triggered in CM9001-EMS which can turn on the siren and send SMS or call to a maxmum of 16 mobile phones.

Application Areas

  • Server Rooms/Data Centres
  • Commercial/industrial refrigeration systems
  • Telecom towers
  • Wine chillers
  • Any unattended facilities


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water leakage
  • Current sensors (air conditioners and other equipment)
  • Alarm sensors e.g. door and window contacts, motion sensors

Sensors can be by MSM01, KP04AET, or external sensors from KNX, Modbus or C-Bus systesm.

KP04AE/KP04AET Specification

  • Max 15 KP04AE/KP04AET in a system each with its own ID. Each keypad can be mounted in a different location or room, connected by CAT 5 cable to CM9001-EMS
  • Built-in speaker with programmable siren sounds for each alarm
  • Voice announcement using programmble Word List for each sensor
  • One Touch Keys for Increment Setpoint, Decrement Setpoint, Enable/Disable Setpoint, Next Sensor
  • Display Alarms caused by Sensors or Intruder Alarms in CM9001-EMS

KP04AE/KP04AET Display / Functions

  • Max 8 Sensor values and Setpoints
  • Setpoints can be enabled or disabled. If enabled, Alarm results when the sensor value exceeds its setpoint
  • Increment and Decrement Setpoints (can be disabled)
  • Programmable text description for eash sensor (eg Server Room Temperature, Room 2 Humidity)
  • Select Units to display (o C, %, Lux, Watts etc)
Increment Setpoint
Decrement Setpoint
Enable/Disable Setpoint
Display next sensor

Typical LCD Displays

KP04AE/KP04AET screens

KP04AET Temp Sensor

Model variation KP04AET has a built-in temperature sensor

  • Resolution 0.1 deg C
  • Accuracy +/- 1 deg c
  • Range 0 to 45 deg C
  • Setpoint Resolution 1 deg C


By the FREE Comfigurator Software

Interface to other systems

KNX, Modbus and C-bus sensors can be displayed in KP04AE/KP04AET using the relevant UCM Interface Module. Alarms can also be sent to these systems by mapping to the address of the other system.

Part Numbers

CM9001-EMS Environmental Monitoring System Controller with 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs expandable to 96 Inputs/Outputs
KP04AE EMS Keypad (without temperature sensor)
KP04AET EMS keypad with Built-in Temperature Sensor
MSM01 MultiSensor Module Wall mount with Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensors and 2 Water Leakage Inputs for CM9001-EMS
UCM/GSM4 GSM Module for SMS alerts for CM9001-EMS
ETH03 Ethernet Plug- in Submodule to CM9001-EMS for Comfigurator programming and Cytech App
UCM/Modbus Modbus Interface for CM9001-EMS
UCM/KNX2 KNX Interface for CM9001-EMS
UCM/Cbus2 C-Bus Interface for CM9001-EMS
UCM/Pi For graphical display and email sending

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