Logic controller for lighting, blinds and appliances

The HIO Hotel I/O (HIO) is a Hotel Room Logic Controller for Lighting, Blinds and appliances control. It can be connected to ELV (Extra Low voltage) switches with push buttons and status LEDs, and can implement energy saving functions.

One of the advantages of the HIO is the ease and flexibility of configuration of each Input/Output Channel to the required function.

The HIO can be used in low- to mid-end Hotels and Service apartments with features that are only available in high-end systems.

Product Photos

HIO01 Controller
HIO01 Controller
HIO Relay Module
HIO Relay Module



Occupancy Sensing

Works with door contact and motion detector(s) to detect occupancy. A programmable timer causes lights to be switched off in sequence, followed by power points and Air Conditioner. Any motion or the operation of any switch will cause the HIO to revert to the previous light and output settings.

Toilet Occupancy Sensing

The Toilet Occupancy function senses motion and turns on the toilet lights automatically.

Window / Air Conditioner Linkage

If the window is opened for a programmable time, the Air Conditioner can be switched off until the window is closed again.

Programmable Scenes

Scenes can be assigned to any switch/channel to turn on a selectable group of lights:

  • Welcome Scene when keycard is inserted or occupancy detected in an unoccupied room
  • Courtesy Light Scene when door is opened in an unoccupied room
  • Master On and Off Scene
  • Toilet Occupancy Scene
  • 4 Programmable Scenes

External Interfaces

Interfaces between HIO and Modbus, KNX, C-Bus and Hotel I/O are possible via Cytech UCM Interfaces.


The HIO is easy to program using the Comfigurator Software tool. Each I/O channel is assigned to a function from a drop-down list.

HIO Channels
HIO Channels
HIO Properties
HIO Properties


  • Standard DIN Rail housing for HIO01, HIO-RLY
  • Power Supply: 12V 1 Amp DC
  • Low Power Microcontroller with Flash memory for firmware and configuration settings
  • Input/Output Channels: 16 Dry Contact momentary switches parallel with LED. The same I/O channel can drive LED and read Input pushbutton state. The switch LED can be dimmed in the off state
  • Analog Outputs: 2 x 0-10V DC
  • Communications on Internal Bus: RS485. Up to 15 HIO on a local RS485 network
  • Temperature Sensor (external) Accuracy: +/- 1 deg C
  • Output Type on HIO: 16 Open Collector outputs for connection to HIO-RLY relays
  • Relay Rating (HIO-RLY): 6 Amps x 8 channels. Quick connect Cable connectors between HIO and HIO-RLY
  • On HIO-RLY, 6 relays are Single Pole Single Throw (SPDT), 2 relays are Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) with Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts.


HIO Connections

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