Multi-Purpose Control Module

The IRIO01 Intelligent Remote Input/Output Module is a Multi-Purpose Control Module capable of a wide range of automation and process control functions including Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs (0-10V and 0-20mA), Analog Outputs (0-10V), Current, Temperature and Light level sensing

This allows the control of HVAC (with Fan Speed), Blinds, Infrared signal transmission, as well as Proportional + Integral Control (P+I) for process control applications.

Product Photo

IRIO01 with 2 ISM submodules
IRIO01 with 2 ISM submodules

About IRIO

Intelligent Automation

The IRIO handles control functions in a way that is easy to configure. Up to 15 IRIOs can be connected to any Cytech controller system including CM9001 Alarm/Automation System, LGX01 Logic Engine, UCM/Logic Controller or KNX/Logic Controller. It is possible to interface to 3rd party automation systems including KNX, C-Bus, Modbus with the appropriate UCM Modules. The IRIO can be used in stand-alone mode when no control from other systems or other IRIOs is required.

Application area examples

App Control

Free apps are available for iOS and Android to control and see the status of the conected lighting, aircons, blinds and other appliances. The UCM/Logic ethernet interface should be connected to the router in the house.

App control


IRIO TWS comfigurator screen
IRIO TWS comfigurator screen


The IRIO is programmed using the free Comfigurator Software tool. (Requires UCM Universal Communications Module).

ISM Submodules

Each IRIO can accept two plug-in submodules from the list below:
  • ISM01 Digital I/O Submodule with 4 Outputs and 4 Inputs
  • ISM02 Digital Outputs/Analog Inputs Submodule with 4 Digital Outputs and 4 Analog Inputs
  • ISM03 IR (Infrared) Submodule wth 4 Infrared Outputs and 4 with Current Sensor Inputs
  • ISM06 NO/NC Relay Submodule
  • ISM07 Relay I/O Submodule
  • ISM08 General I/O Submodule
  • ISM09 PT1000 Submodule for Temperature Sensing
  • The IRIO baseboard has 2 programmable analog outputs (0-10V) for dimming and control.

    Note that the submodules are not included in IRIO. They are ordered separately as required. The IRIO can work with 0, 1 or 2 submodules. The IRIO will automatically detect what submodule is plugged in.

Functions (depending on ISM submodule installed)


  • On/Off Digital Outputs with Relays
  • Heating and Cooling with or without 2 speed/3 speed fan
  • Air-conditioner Relay Interface with digital Feedback
  • Infrared Signal with or without Current Sensing feedback
  • TWS (Two Way Switch) for Lighting with current-sensing feedback
  • Blinds Control AC or DC
  • Analog Output 0-10V for dimming or analog control
  • Proportional + Integral control (P+I) for Process Control applications (using ISM02)


  • Digital Input
  • Pulse Count
  • Current Sensing
  • Analog Input 0-10V
  • 0-20mA Input (ISM02A)
  • Resistive Temperature Sensor
  • PT1000 Temperature Sensor
  • Resistive Sensor


IRIO Connections

Up to 15 IRIO modules (including IRIO/TWS, IRIO/Blinds, IRIO/IO, IRIO/IR) can be installed in an RS485 Bus network with a UCM/Logic or LGX01 Bus Controller. LGX Logic Engine has 8 Inputs and Outputs. UCM/Logic is a low cost controller with no Inputs and Outputs. Cytech's KNX, C-Bus, Modbus and other 3rd party interfaces can be connected to the same Rs485 Bus for further integration.


  • Low Power Microcontroller with Flash memory for firmware and configuration settings.
Power Supply:
12V 1 Amp DC
Analog Outputs:
2 x 0-10V DC Suitable for loads with min 5K ohms input impedance
Bus Communications:
Up to 15 IRIOs on RS485 network
Baseboard PCB Size:
120 × 88 mm (Mounting Holes: 98 × 78 mm (same location as UCM)
2 x submodule (ISMs) sockets

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