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Logic Engine Controller PCB

Logic Engine Controller PCB
log1.jpg LGX01PCB.JPG
  • Logic Controller with 8 inputs, 8 output, expandable to 96 I/O
  • Optional Plug in ETH03 Interface to LAN for programming and Android/iOS app
  • Programmable Responses with If/Then conditional programming
  • Interfaces to KNX, C-Bus, Zwave, Modbus, etc
  • All Outputs able to send Infrared signals via IR transmitters
Code: LGX01

LGX01 has 8 inputs and 8 outputs expandable to 96 I/O. 32 Time Programs allow for the scheduling of autotmation responses. Each of the open-collector outputs can be used to drive relays or send infrared signals to  IR Emitters to control appliances like Air-conditioners and AV equipment. Inputs can be connected to switches,  motions sensors or Current Sensors, and each Inputs On and Off state changes can be used to trigger automation Responses.

The LGX01 is the same as a Comfort Security/Automation system without the alarm, telephone, and Voice announcement, recording and playback functions.

A wide range of interface modules include IRIO (Inteliigent Remote Input/Output) modules, Temperature Sensor Modules TSM01, and UCM interfaces to C-Bus, KNX, Z-wave etc.

The optional plug-in Ethernet interface ETH03 allows programming by the Comfigurator software tool as well as access by the Comfort Android and iOS apps to control any automation function in the LGX01

LGX01 is PCB only without Enclosure. EN01 and EN03 metal enclosures ae available which is able to mount the LGX01 and other modules like UCMs
Weight: 0.22 kg

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